My 21st Birthday

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Finally, i officially became an adult. haha... I have a great 21st birthday! Thx to my seniors and also are my best frenz, Shay Ti and Hui Theng! We went to Singapore, this is the 1st time i went there, it is very fun. nice place, indeed!

AT August 7, we having breakfast at Old Town with some seniors,we chatting and making fun wif each other, after awhile only realized tat we spent too much time talking, haha.. and it is getting late.. we reached there dy noon! our first destination is Bugis street, the things there are cheap in Singapore dollar but in Ringgit Malaysian, there are almost equally.

Sentosa is our next and also last place to visit becoz we only went for 1 day.
I'm happy and excited that eventually i can go into the casino.. Since we were kinda rush so i only able to took around 15min tour in setosa casino, lolz..

Becoz of the limited time we have, we can only choose to go to Siloso Beach. There were so many activities.. i saw the gals there wearing bikini playing beach When can i see that at Malaysia??? haha..

Although 1 day trip is rushing and really really tiring, but i stil have a lot of fun. This is all becoz i have my jimui accompany me..^_^ Thx again to Shay Ti and Hui Theng..Here are the kisses for both of u, muackzz...nuackzz... lol!

wif my jimui..Shay Ti :)

my fren look pretty right? her name is Elaine

Here we are! at 1 of the sentosa beach..

bright sun!

my another jimui, Hui Theng wrote it for me :)

i like this pic most! ^.^

They are my seniors! they look sweet, isn't? :)

my jimui, Hui Theng

did i look pretty? lol...

pretty gals.. haha

i'm really short

In Marriott Hotel

wif my pretty frenz at Bugis Street

posting infront of "forgot name" shopping centre

acting cool in the bus..

A Letter To My Best Friend

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

hey darling! Never think 3 months pass so quickly. when i think back, we had only met less than a quarter of ur holiday. So sad, but doreen, vv, ky, wenli n mehace not same holiday with u. So, don blame us yea! haha...

At least, we got met also rite? ha... I recall all those things that we had done together, grab u out for breakfast during ur quarantine, 'laptop' party at my house, 10days gathering at vv's hostel,this is the most fun part coz we can see each other day n nite,gossiping,chating, shopping, watch movie and bullying. i forgot who kena bully dy, is u or vv? haha...

ooh... and oso things that we had plan but didnt do at last also,hiking picnic at beach, swimming and cooking together.

ei, u don cry on plane yea!... y? here the story:

jy: sob....
man: (sit beside her) r u ok?
jy: (nod)

After 5 min...
jy: (sob...)
man: u sure u ok?
jy: (nod)

15 min pass...
jy:(stil sobbing...)
man: ( feel annoying) can u stop crying?
jy:( look up and then shake her head... continue sobbing)
man: ( a bit angry)fine!

30 min pass...
man: i wan to sleep dy. stop crying k?
jy: (nod)
man: thanks god!

after 5 min...
jy: (sob again..louder)
man: (awaken n get angry)oh god! what the hell is going on?

4 hour later...
jy: (still sobbing)
man: (furious)wtf? cant u stop crying? u r making me crazy!!!
jy:(silent....)@#$%@#$%@#$%!!!! i wan to cry is my business, u can choose to not listen! did i ask u to listen? u can make ur ear deaf,so u wont hear anything!!!@#$%@#$%...
man: (shock)...


u see? that y i ask u not to cry on the plane! haha... Be good in US yea. Just remember 1 thing, never sexy than me! if not, i don wan to friend with u anymore. haha...

Have a safe journey and all the best! i will missing u here... :) love u! muackzz....


Monday, August 3, 2009

Yesterday, i and another 8 chinese represent our society to attend a seminar in MMU. The title is "Islam and non-Islam relationship in Malaysia".

We have to woke up early in the morning, around 6am and took one hour journey to reach MMU. So, when the speaker was speaking, i doze off. That's not my fault, is my eyes insist want to do that! haiz... bad eyes!

I dont think i still remember what the 5 speaker said. But i do know that we have been recorded! haha... so syok! they said it will on TV tonight or tomorrow night.

mmm.. hope tat will not see me sleeping in the hall.hehe..

You know you love me! xoxo! gossip girl!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Hi, is me! Finally i recall i have a blog! mmm.... Look like my lovely friends is talking behind me! ooh.. no no no, is infront me. It is my pleasure! VV n KY.

Last night, i finally finish watching the gossip girl season 1. what i like to say is, Wau! the drama has a very complicated plot... can i use the word incest? one more question. Who is the person in charge for the gossip girl? I know one thing, gossip is very scary but everyone love it! haha... ooh! gossip and scandal are different things. i will remember that!

By the way, thanks to my another lovely friend, JY, gave me this drama without a subtitle, making my life more.. HARDSHIP!
You know you love me! xoxo! gossip girl! hahaha....

i m siao po!!!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

hai, i m wenhui, the siao po!!!!
i m very happy because i m in kl with leng lui vivian!!!
i have my siao po with me!!!!and i m the most siao one!!!